Blog #1

Your generosity changes lives!

Nyangoma Juliet is a successful, 25 year old nurse who started in our program when she was only 8 years old and was living with her very sick mom, an aunt and several cousins. Life was very hard for them and shortly after we started helping, her mom died. She continued working hard at school often having nothing to eat and she slept on the floor with her other cousins. She finished P7 with high marks and we sent her to a girl’s boarding school where she could have enough to eat and a place to sleep. On holidays she left her aunt’s house to stay with her very sick dad and helped him however she could. After finishing Senior 4, she wanted to become a nurse and do her part with the huge medical needs, after seeing so much death and sickness.
She is now married to a doctor who is working at a refugee camp, aiding people who are escaping genocide from Southern Sudan. I am sure that she will make a big difference in many lives along with her doctor husband. I am grateful to her sponsor who continued to help her through all these years.